New Products    Reg. Bombs now BIGGER as of 2/26/2019!


Product Labeling and Wrapping

Products may be ordered in one of two Wrapping / Labeling options.

Option 1:  G.M.S. Label.  With this option, product will come shrink wrapped and labeled with our company standard Goat Milk Soap Store label.  Label will include applicable product weight or volume and ingredients.  This option allows for quick an easy product placement directly into your store for resale without having to have labeling equipment at your premise.  Product will arrive to you ready to sell without any further work.  

Option 2: Shrink Wrapped and unlabeled.  Product will have an outer wrapping (See wrapping section below) and your order will contain a single ingredient sheet listing the ingredients for each product.  Product will need to be labeled according to any federal, state and or county requirements for your location.  This option is for those that wish to brand products with your existing brand or identity.


Products are either shrink wrapped in a Polyolefin or PVC wrapping.  Bottled products may or may not come in an outer shrink wrapping depending on the best method to protect product during transit.