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Wholesale Goat Milk Soap

We are a family owned and maintained farm in Kansas.

Every product, every package, every label applied is done by our hands on our farm.  From the animal care, animal birthing, milking, making, packaging and labeling; our hands do it all.  Everything is handmade and will be entirely unique in its own way.  It's our little way of providing something uniquely special just for you.  Label a little crooked?  Probably a little one learning a new task.  Swirl in your bar of soap not so swirly?  That's probably dad doing something he's not so good at.  Either way, it's a little touch that says there is a real family, learning to make their way, on this little patch of ground the Lord has given to them.

Meet the animals behind our soap:  Meet the goats

From all of us and all of our goats, to you